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Real estate law


We help commercial property developers in the commercialization of facilities (rental agreements, management contracts, FM contracts) for daily servicing.


We solve legal problems with land and carry out real estate legal status (due diligence).


We service hotel investors, private dormitories and centers for the elderly.


We also help in the field of tax optimization.

Company law and contract law


Daily legal care over companies and transactions - this is our daily bread.


We pay attention to order in the company, we check the correctness of processes and transactions carried out in the company (compliance).


We help in setting up companies, planning business, buying and selling shares.


We carry out due diligence of companies, we advise on M & A transactions.


We also help in the field of tax optimization and tax planning.

Copyright law, trademarks, competition law


We protect your intellectual property and copyrights. We will assist you in concluding licensing agreements, agreements for the transfer of copyright or agreements for the transfer of industrial property rights.


We also prepare legal opinions in the field of industrial and intellectual property rights, copyright and competition law.


GDPR (know as RODO) is also a our domain. 



Judicial and administrative proceedings


We offer legal advice to the company at every stage of the court and administrative proceedings.


We are aware of the disorganization that has a disorganizing effect on the company's operations.


Our task is to reduce the risk of a dispute, and if it arises, prepare an optimal dispute management strategy so that it does not cause severe disruptions to the company's operations.







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